Working Holiday Australia

  1. Services for Japanese working holiday people in Australia.
    • - Guidance on preparing for working holidays. - Advice on travelling abroad on a Working Holiday Visa, the employment situation, accommodation,life-style, and language schools in working holiday countries. - Provide necessary basic English language for the Japanese. - Introduction to organizations and agencies located in working holiday countries. - We also provide services to help people returning from working holidays to make use of their overseas experiences and find work after arriving back in Japan. - Events, orientation meetings, monthly parties, and language courses.
  2. Other activities & responsibilities - Surveys and reports regarding conditions facing working holiday makers in Japan and other workingholiday countries. - Expansion of new employment opportunities for working holiday.

Holiday Program



Students need to meet both a sufficient level of English language proficiency and the minimum academic requirements before they can be admitted to an

Manoj Panta